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A new volunteer from Denmark at Midori Farm Keihoku

We welcomed our new volunteer Ema to the Keihoku farm this week. She will stay a week and help our farm to maintain. She came from Denmark and has been traveling in Japan until the middle of June.

Yesterday was her first day so, we introduced her to our current volunteer Cyrille and our neighbors. She was welcomed by them and seemed excited to experience Japanese organic farming. She told us that her parents are farmers which were interesting :)

We covered all scattered three farms in Keihoku. We planted seeds and seedlings, got rid of weeds around the beds, and watered them. The most interesting work we were done in that day was to put up a net for pretending from birds, especially crows!

Luckily, we had four members to deal with it. It went more smoothly than we expected!

To me, May is the best time to work outside because the weather is really comfortable and all trees and leaves in the mountains have become fresh green!

This is the best time to experience organic farming in Japan's countryside :) If you have a chance, please visit our farm and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the unique farming experience that we can offer you!

If you are interested, contact us we will offer you a private or a group tour for you!

See you soon!


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