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Satoyama Organic Farming Experience 

Discover the Satoyama region and experience local culture, organic farming. and beautiful natural surroundings.

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One person (Adult)

​¥12,000 (including lunch)

One child (2 years-12 years old)​

¥10,000 (including lunch)

One child (0 years-1 year old)​


Duration: 7 hr 

Language: English

Food: Enjoy a lunch featuring seasonal produce

Transportation: Bus service available from Kyoto Station

Pickup Service is available at Nijo Station for an additional fee.


Satoyama Organic Farming Experience location options.


Tour details are here.

More details

Escape the city to enjoy nature and interact with our veggies

A short bio film where Chuck explains his feelings about being an organic farmer and its impact on the world.

Curious about the countryside and farming in Japan?  Join us for a day exploring the natural countryside and learning about how organics can work in Japan. In Japan, the word ‘satoyama’ generally refers to the border zone between the mountain foothills and flat land near a village. It is a place where people live in harmony with nature, harvesting its bounty but also being stewards of the land.


About an hour from Kyoto city, there is another world of abundant greenery.

The scenery changes as you pass through the tunnels and small villages.  Escape the crowded city and experience the natural surroundings in the high mountain valleys.  



- Keihoku -

This idyllic village has been supplying timber to the ancient capital of Kyoto for over a thousand years.  This long history has allowed Keihoku to develop some distinctive shrines and temples situated in natural surroundings.  The wide valley located about 300 meters above sea level has 4 distinct seasons and clean water, perfect for growing delicious vegetables.  This is our headquarters with the largest farms and buildings, where we host the largest groups and events. 

- Kutsuki -

Located in a narrow valley over 350 meters above sea level, this is a place more of nature than humans.  Crystal-clear streams trickle down the mountains feeding a small river full of fish and other wildlife.  We have special access to the private mountains and know the best places for fishing, hiking, and swimming in the river.  Our gardens here are for flowers, herbs, and some vegetables specially chosen which the local monkey troop won’t pilfer.

- Ohara -

A thriving agricultural town for centuries, this was essentially the gardens of the ancient capital.  This location is easily reached by public transportation.  We will visit their local farmers’ market, historic shrines, and beautiful hiking trails.  We will also have a bbq lunch at our fig and persimmon garden.  This is possible as a half-day trip or in conjunction with a trip to Kutsuki.


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Price and details

One person (Adult)

One child (2 years-12 years old)

¥12,000 (Including lunch)

¥10,000 (Including lunch)

The tour starts at 8:00 at Nijo station and ends around 4:30. We will determine the schedule based on the weather, season, and our guests’ requests, so feel free to let us know what you would like to do.

Public Transportation 

If you are using public transportation, please check the time of buses and other means of transportation well in advance.

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from JR Kyoto Station.


Please take the JR bus of Takao/Keihoku Line from Kyoto station (terminal no.3). Shuzan is the final destination.
From Shuz
an, please transfer to the Keihoku Furusato Bus and get off at Kamiyuge.

*JR Bus Website *Keihoku Furusato Bus

Please contact us when you have arrived at the Kamiyuge bus stop and we will meet you there.

If you use a car, it takes about 1 hour from Kyoto City to the north on Route 162.

Pickup Service Option at JR Nijo Station

We can offer you a ride from JR Nijo Station for ¥3,000 per person. 

*Our vehicle can hold 3 passengers, for larger groups a larger vehicle can be arranged with additional notice.  Please contact us ASAP.

If you are traveling with young children who require a child seat, please contact us immediately so we can arrange to have one for you.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 5 days before is a 0% cancellation fee.

50% of the cancellation fee will be charged 4 days prior to the tour date.

Cancellation from 3 days before the day of the tour will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the total number of participants.

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