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Vegetable Baskets

We grow more than 50 kinds of produce at Midori Farm Kyoto using organic methods.  We then distribute the fresh vegetables to our communities in Kyoto city and all around Japan. 

The Midori Farm Kyoto Commitment

Our farms exist in balance with the natural environment for a safe, happy future.

● All of the produce from Midori Farm Kyoto is 100% organic.

● Our farms are located in the Satoyama area, one utilized for over a millennium for raising healthy food.  The distinctive 4 seasons provide optimal conditions for the healthiest and most delicious produce.。

● Our secret to growing delicious, healthy vegetables is through nurturing the soil for optimal plant development, rather than relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  The plants grow strong naturally and can defend themselves if necessary.


● Our fields use natural water sources for irrigation, with ancient techniques which don't require electricity or fossil fuels to bring the water to our garden beds.  


Get fresh produce right to your front door!



Midori Farm Kyoto's seasonal assortment, the varieties available change throughout the year.

¥2,000    picked up in Kyoto City

¥2,500    delivered in some parts of Kyoto City

¥2,200 + shipping: available anywhere in Japan

All prices listed above include tax. Please check the map below for more details about pick up location & delivery area

Pick up, delivery and shipping should be done in the evening on the same day the vegetables are harvested- Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  

Shipping orders should arrive in approximately 2 days, shipping fees vary due to destination.

Please contact us to arrange a pick up, delivery or have a basket shipped to you, or if you have any questions.  

Map of basic delivery area, Red star is pickup location

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