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Salad Mix Seeding Workshop 美味しくてヘルシーなサラダミックスをご家庭で栽培してみませんか?


Would you like to grow your own delicious, healthy salad mix at home?

It is super easy and fun, and the cheapest way to get the best, freshest salad on your plate.

Midori Farm produces loads of salad every year. In our new workshop in Kyoto city, we will show you exactly how to do it! By using the correct conditions you'll learn how to get several plates of salad from each packet you sow.

This is only the beginning, we will have more such workshops on sowing seeds this year, but why not get started now? you will be eating your own homegrown salad in just a few short weeks, and it is so exciting and empowering to produce your own ORGANIC food!

We will start by giving the basics of how to choose the correct soil, container and seeds at your local home center. We will show you some of our own containers that are already underway, and demonstrate how to do one from the beginning. We will explain the importance of the correct location for your container outside, and even show you our grow light setup in case you don't have an appropriate space outdoors. Watering and caring for the salad can be easy if you follow some simple rules, and then you will learn how to "cut and come back" to get 3-4 rounds from the same salad patch.

We hope you will get hooked on producing your own organic food in this simple but informative session.

We will even have a quiz and the winner will receive a salad mix pack which is our favorite.

The cost of this workshop is ¥1500, however, if you bring some homemade goodies to share with everyone at snack time, the cost is just ¥1000!

Please let Chuck know you are coming by noon on Friday, March 10th. Also, please let him know if you are bringing a snack to share! See you there : )



美土里ファームでは、毎年たくさんのサラダを生産しています。 新設したワークショップスペースで、ご家庭で簡単に楽しめる栽培方法をご紹介します。






3月10日(金)の正午までに、ご参加希望の場合はお知らせください。 また、おやつをご持参される方は、その旨もお知らせください。 それでは、当日お会いできることを楽しみにしております: )



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